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"No one can truly understand the challenges I'm going through unless they are going through it themselvesBecky T. - Breast Cancer Patient

At BOOMITY we understand that no one can truly grasp the challenges you face unless they have experienced them firsthand. That's why our platform serves as a gateway for health and mental health service providers to offer additional means of support to those navigating similar journeys. By utilizing our platform, you can create a warm and secure environment where individuals can connect, share, and find solace in others who truly comprehend their struggles. Together, we empower individuals to manage their health issues and cultivate overall well-being, fostering a profound sense of community and understanding. Join us in extending a compassionate hand to your community, because support from those who have been there truly makes a difference."


Customized for your own health Community

As a private label, subscription-based platform, BOOMITY Health enables you to fully customize and brand the platform to match your organization's unique needs and style. You can offer the platform as an extension of your organization's services and integrate it seamlessly into your website. 

We're just your tech partners - You're the health experts. 

We recognize addressing health and mental health issues is a complicated problem with many causes, treatments and comorbidity issues to consider.  There is just not enough money or resources to address all that is needed.  While we can't solve the problem, leveraging the BOOMITY Peer 2 Peer platform can be a powerful tool for any health organization that wants to offer a better way for individuals to connect and thrive. Whether you're looking to complement your professional treatment or therapy, or simply offer a cost-effective alternative, BOOMITY for Health is the private label, subscription-based platform that can help you get better results. 

Get the Tools You Need to Support Your Community

With a range of features designed to support the needs of your mental health network, your members will connect, find helpful resources, and reach new milestones together.


Peer-to Peer Engagement

Often, there is nothing better than being able to engage with other people going through the same health issues that you are.  Share stories, ask questions, and promote camaraderie via the social feed.


Resource Library

When health and mental health issues are identified, people rely heavily on the web to attain information. As the experts you can take control by sharing vetted and valuable, information. 


Safe Space

Be assured that your community information, data, and dialogue is completely Private, Secure, and Confidential. Participants can be anonymous and there is absolutely no sharing of your information. 


Group Mentorship

Many healthy organizations already provide Groups as part of their therapy and support. Easily extend your group discussions to further encourage and guide the conversation. 



Customize the Directory to provide easy access to people in your organization, partners, affiliates, and other local support providers.


Monitoring Tools

Get the controls you need to Monitor the conversations and ensure the dialogue is positive and helpful. 

We want to partner.

We want to create a solution that is perfect for your needs. Please get in touch so we can discuss how we can help. 

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