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    • “Our old website was awkward, outdated, and we needed a tech person to make changes to content. Now, with Boomity, we can make changes ourselves. The website is current, looks fantastic, and we now have a platform for all of our social media needs. Boomity has cut our costs, saved us time, and we are now self-sufficient!”

      Allison Belger - Licensed Psychologist - Owner, TJ's Gym
    • “We requested a completely custom, feature-rich website. The Boomity team accommodated our wishes and exceeded our expectations. We now have a website we manage ourselves without sacrificing the features we needed. Boomity is clearly the best solution for managing our non-profit web marketing.”

      Brock Greene - Founder, Oligo Nation
    • "I’ve used other web marketing tools before and nothing is as easy to use as Boomity. Boomity has saved us many hours and significant dollars. Using the Boomity platform makes our web marketing a breeze."

      Norm Page - CEO, Same Page Capital
    • “We wanted our Practice Areas to be able to connect and engage directly with their specific customers and prospects. We looked at a variety of community engagement platforms. Boomity came out on top with robust and easy to use features that didn't bust our budget. Additionally, The Boomity team has been professional and highly attentive. There is always someone to provide support whenever necessary.”

      Dan Winey FAIA, IIDA, LEED AP - Board of Directors, Secretary, Gensler
    • “We were using approximately seven different websites in order to manage our web marketing. All we needed to do was to use Boomity and we got all the features we needed in one place. We wish we knew about the Boomity platform a long time ago - it would have saved us a lot of time and money.”

      Paul S. Finkle CMC, SPHR - CEO, Shared HR
    • "Boomity has made our blogging as well as our website efficient and simple to manage - we love it"

      Maryles Casto - Founder and Chairman, Casto Travel
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Solutions that fit

Ideal for Organizations with Multiple Entities

Trade and Professional Associations, Non Profits, Franchises, Professional Services, Media Companies

Boomity has the unique ability to clone a website once it is created. There is no need to build multiple sites from scratch. So if an organization wants to provide their various offices, chapters, affiliates etc., with their own website they can do so easily. We can lock down the look and feel of the template so that only the content for each specific sub-entity can be managed.


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  • Microsite for Events

    Boomity can be used as a microsite that provides you with macro powers. Boomity provides all the online marketing features to make an event successful. In “One” easy to use Platform Boomity will enable you to Generate Awareness for your Event, Build Community, Create Enthusiasm, Drive Attendance and to Stay Connected.


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Looks that encourage dialogue

Give and take perspectives

  • The Worst Advice We Have Ever Heard About Online Marketing

    Given the importance of online marketing, it makes sense that everyone is trying to determine the 'best practices'. Some of the advice we have come across, however, has just been bad. Here are the top five worst pieces of online marketing advice we have heard.


  • From cattle to billion dollar companies, the term brand has certainly come a long way

    In today’s global marketplace, a company’s success lives and dies by the popular recognition and support of its brand. But what exactly is a brand and from where did the term even originate? This article will briefly examine the history of the term brand, the most influential time periods, and what it means for the future of marketing.



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